Light Upon

by John Faraone

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dawn cabral
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dawn cabral I love this album because it makes me feel like I'm in a warm weather climate while enjoying the snow
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thehowlfactor Simply wonderful album, thoughtful lyrics accompanied by simple but still stunningly beautiful music. Reminds me of early Ryan Adams and Handsome Family. Cannot recommend any more highly Favorite track: Starlight.
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released September 22, 2018

John Faraone: guitars, vocals, bass, drums
Tom Woulfe: vocals
Chris Mendillo: bass
Mat Eastwood: piano
Pete Eastwood: electric guitar
Chrissy Stewart: vocals
Haylee Simmons: vocals
Emily Dix Thomas: cello
Amato Zinno: upright bass
Liz Lawrence: pedal steel
Toby Wilson: pedal steel, bass, dobro
Brendan Moore: organ, piano, Mellotron

Produced by John Faraone with Mat Eastwood and Scott Thompson

Engineered by John Faraone, Mat Eastwood, Matt Beaudoin, Andrew Nault, and Chaimes Parker at Eyeland Studio, Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, Big Nice Studio, and several homes, apartments, and closets throughout Rhode Island

Mixed by Matt Beaudoin and Chaimes Parker

Mastered at Machines with Magnets by Keith Souza & Seth Manchester

Art, design, layout, and photography by Michaela McCaughey


all rights reserved



John Faraone Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Oh My
Sunshine and your faded jeans
You sat down to talk to me
What lover’s lie can lovers keep
When a life is borne by dreams?

The smell of rain and dusty air
The sun went out but we stayed there
And carelessly you tied your hair
We were young and unprepared

Ohhhhh my

A mountain fire burning bright
Tearing through the new twilight
Shook our souls and freed our eyes
And left us shaking, terrified

Ohhhhh my

Sunshine and your faded jeans
And you sat down to talk to me
Track Name: Always In Bloom
Something’s got ahold of me
Lying in the yard under the stars
It never came too easily
But nothing worth is without working hard
Or broken hearts

Move the plastic changing scene
I tried to warn you just before you fell
Did you abandon everything
Too afraid that love might suit you well
Too new to tell

Searching for your falling star
Wondering where you are
At least it’s not the same

Always far ahead of me
A lesson learned admiring too soon
While the slow piano played
In the heat you danced around the room
Always in bloom

A letter scrawled in silhouette
Pretty soon you’ll be leaving town
Leaning on the window ledge
Counting as the rain fell to the ground
I miss that sound

Searching for your falling star
Wondering where you are
At least it’s not the same

Something’s got ahold of me
Lying in the yard under the stars
Track Name: A Long Night And Slow
A long night and slow
Looking out my window
Two lovers walk by hand in hand
Does anybody know
Why they leave when they go
Or turn a blind eye or pretend

Try as I may
Someday I’ll listen, but tonight here I lay

Shadows are whistling
Dancing all around the room
It’s like I’m not sitting alone
And nothing is useful
In times like these
It’s best to be quiet and still

It’s just another year
Temporary, my dear
Like lightning, like thunder, like rain
And love disappeared
Like it wasn’t even here
And now the moon shines through the trees

Try as I may
Someday I’ll listen, but tonight here I lay

A long night and slow
Looking out my window
And tail lights reflect off the snow
Do you remember
All the wasted time
And how the street was so pretty
In the morning light?
Track Name: Light Upon
Face to face
We glitter like the ocean below
That borrows its blue from the sky
When the sun shines its light upon

I remember the coast
Driving through the night
And as the air from the sea blows through
I count the miles that keep me from you

Play on and be gone
I sing along like a prayer
Beat up and broken and blue
I never know what to do

I give in to everything
I miss things that I’ve never had
Feelings change without reasons
It doesn’t hurt until it’s bleeding

And I recall all of your questions
On how we used to be
How much longing can distance bring?
And how much hope can lovers sing
Their light upon?
Track Name: What Will Happen
Honey, slow down
You’ve been floating too long and everybody’s gone home
You need some sleep
And all the trouble you have will disappear in your dreams
Eventually we’re free, eventually we’re free
I know someday we will be

Lonely souls
Tired from the fire that’s a million years old
Floating down
Like a cinder to the ground beautifully without a sound
Peacefully we’ll be, peacefully we’ll be
Swept up with the wind into the trees

Oh, my dear
Shine a light into the dark, hold me closer to your heart
We all fall in love and we all fall apart
Fearless we must be, it’s only just as sweet
For everything will end eventually
Track Name: Dream Away
Listen closely, time has spoken,
Night has fallen, life is frozen
Heaven’s heavy with your family
And all their tears over the years
Have washed away your memory
But not completely, not from me
As wild winds sweep through piles of leaves
Like pages from forgotten dreams
I hear the distant bells that ring
Their soft and misty voices sing
A song of metal stars adrift
That watch like steadfast witnesses
And in the dim light of the moon
Shining silver over you
I whisper words like seeds I’ve sown
For everyone I’ve ever known
For friends too scared to leave their homes
For hearts that break or die alone
For souls that drift on listlessly
A silent plea for you and me

Dream away, my love
Dream away
Dream your whole life away, my love
Dream away
Track Name: Fading Tide
You became a mountain today
Higher than the clouds can say
Well you know how I get lonely too
Sitting right next to you
Lost inside of the fading tide
What more can anybody do

The quiet of the hills like a song
Sang to us the whole night long
We stared into the darkest sky
And you let out all your lightning
Sitting on that silent hill
We heard it all I hear it still
Track Name: Starlight
There are reasons I stay up all night
Like the miles of telephone wires
A memory that I can’t recognize
And the color that takes over your eyes

And the starlight defiantly
Shining brightly through the trees
Is anybody watching over me
You know I could use the company

Dead leaves underneath all the snow
Make room for the new ones to grow
And the new moon that’s hanging too low
Will burn out in the bright afterglow

And the heavy-hearted coyote choir
Singing songs for the ones gone astray
A slow dance by the light of a fire
They said you can’t find love that way

I drift off in a somnolent stare
And pretend I’m not too blue to care
And think back on my family
I hope they still remember me
Track Name: Silence
In the dark before morning
Shivering in the cold
All the air that I’m breathing
I can see once I let it go

I’m awake but still dreaming
Silly ideas again
And the comfort I came for
I’d die to defend

It silences everything
It silences everything

I say I love you too often
Like holding onto a railing
How long ‘til it’s nothing
I will forget how this feels again

It silences everything
And I’m listening

It silences everything
If silence is everything
Then I’m listening

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